At the crossroads.

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I don’t know what’s gonna happen next. I’m making a big decision that’s gonna change my life for the years to come or so it seems . Transitions always are always stomach churning and exciting at the same time. I’d like to think that’s it’s nothing of a big deal but maybe it’s just me, a duck paddling hard underneath.


Storm Coming

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Storm Coming

Originally uploaded by Jay!!!!

This is one of the island trips we had in Siargao. We took a small boat to this sandbar called Naked Island by the locals.

Later in the afternoon, after staying from another but bigger island, we had a taste of this ominous looking cloud pouring down on us. Not to mention, the waves are also a little bit bigger that I started to think of taking the surfboard right beside me just in case. Nevertheless, it was fun and we quickly forgot about it as we went to the Cloud 9 tower for a taste of a wipeout.

We are all connected

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A Blind Woman

We met her all while going down to the other side of the Mabu-Looc path. She is blind but seemed to have crossed the path a couple of times that she’s not having trouble climbing than we are. The people in the place are very cordial mostly so we greeted each other. I admire how she easily climbed the trail even with her age and condition. The kids assisting her or so it seems are probably her neighbors or relatives who were courteous enough not leave her behind.

I came to remember this photo when during a seminar a good fire safety instructor narrated an anecdote about how each of us no what excuses we make are connected to each other. We are in some ways big or small, in the things that we do affect each others’ lives.


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Not so thrilled
Yesterday was frustrating, we came at a very good start with a 12-point lead but lost in the end.

A Poem from my Wife

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Inday Leja


my heart’s resting
gently Sleeping
finally, past is past
no more tears at last
memories of sweet delight
blissfully shining so bright
aged like wine
tastefully like divine
my love, oh my love
saved my with his love
now cast I did to my yoke
of which my neck almost broke
like a dove i flew to a horizon so new
farewell to my past
now I’m free at last….

Dedicated to my husband for helping me overcome the ghosts of my past.

Mabua-Looc Hike

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Camera: Sony Ericsson T650i (Cellphone)

Time: 11:00-15:00 +8 GMT

Weather: Hot with occasional rain showers

Gear and Supplies: 1 bottled water, 1 bibingka (Visayan rice cake), Slippers, Jersey Shirt, Board Shorts

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: approx. 8 kms.

I have to go home to Surigao on short notice. My uncle died of stroke and all our relatives are coming and my brothers are already there.

Honestly, it’s difficult to tell what’s going on with my cousin so I went hiking with my brother and brought our cousin with us. I think he enjoyed the short trek.

More pictures can be found from my flickr set.

Cocky Moi

Posted: March 7, 2009 in photography

A quiet celebration of my newfound confidence to the camera.